Animal Christmas Cards


Merry Christmas card donkeyAmong all the old vintage cards I restore for this website are a lot of Animal Christmas Cards.

So here is a page with Christmas Cards with a lot of different animals: Pigs, dogs, kittens, a donkey and birds.

Some are together with Santa, some placed in the snow, and a few don’t look that Christmas like, but they are meant for a Christmas greeting.

The size of all the animal postcards on this page is 6 x 4 inches printed with 300 dpi.

So have fun looking through these old Christmas greeting cards. Hopefully you will find one you like.
Then print as many cards as you need, write a message for the ones you want to send a greeting, place a stamp and post it.

I am sure you will find that the friends and family members that receive these cards will love to put the card on the mantelpiece, in a bowl with other Christmas cards, or find other ways to enjoy the card from you.

Christmas border polar bear

A beautiful Christmas card with Santa in the snow with a deer.

Santa in the forest with deer

Christmas border polar bear

Two little birds on a branch of holy, a robin and a blue tit.

robin and blue tit on holy branch

Christmas border polar bear


Take a look at this Christmas card with a kitten climbing the Christmas tree, and the little lyric together with a Christmas greeting.
Cute, isn’t it?

Christmas card with cat and poem

Christmas border polar bear

This card is really old. Two children, they look a little Dutch to me with the wooden shoes, riding a cart being towed by a pig.
They look as if they are having fun, even when they drive into the snow man.

Old vintage Christmas card

Christmas border polar bear

Santa Claus on a donkey with presents.

Merry Christmas card donkey

Christmas border polar bear

A Christmas and New Year greeting.

Vintage woman with dog

Christmas border polar bear


Animal Christmas card with a very cute little squirrel eating berries.


Christmas card with squirrel

Size 5,5 x 3,7 inches (14 x 9,3 cm) printed with 300 dpi

Christmas border polar bear

And here is a commercial:

Two robins on a branch of holy with red berries.

Two robins on holy branch

Christmas border polar bear

This card is not old, actually it is quite new, but with a bird and stars/snowflakes, great for Christmas and winter.

Card with bird and stars

Christmas border polar bear

Two dogs, holy and a Christmas greeting.

Christmas card two dogs

Christmas border polar bear

Two kittens, holy and a holiday greeting.

Christmas Greetings

Christmas border polar bear

Three little kittens playing with an autumn leaf in the snow.

Three kittens in snow

Christmas border polar bear

Two dogs and a kitten. It looks as if the kitten has a problem, but I am sure she can get out of the jar fast if she wants to.

Two dogs and a cat

Christmas border polar bear

A horse sleigh in winter landscape

Horse sleigh in winter landscape

Size 9 x 13 cm (5,2 x 3,6 in approx.)

Christmas border polar bear

A Christmas greeting card with a Christmas bell, a candle and a fox in the snow.


Christmas card with fox

Christmas border polar bear

Again a very old Christmas card.
We see a girl with her presents, a ball and a Punch doll.
Unfortunately for the little girl the dog is running away with the Punch.

dog stealing girls gift

Christmas border polar bear

Happy Holidays card with a bird in a landscape with snow.

Happy Holidays card

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Christmas border polar bear

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