Flower Greeting Cards for Birthdays


If there are two things that go well together it’s flowers and birthday greetings, and here on this page you get both!

So here you will find a lot of birthday greeting cards with flowers. Pansies, red roses, yellow roses, forget-me-not and many other beautiful flowers.

You can use all these flower cards for free as long as you use them for your own personal use.

The size of the greeting cards will be 6 x 4 inches printed with 300 dpi, which should make sure that you get cards printed in a really good quality.

When you have found a card you like, click it to come to the larger version in a new tab, to get the best quality.
Save this version of the card and either work with it in a drawing program to add some text or just print it and write your birthday wish and message on the card.

Below you will also find some sweet flower quotes and birthday wishes to use together with the card you choose.
Even if you want to make your own poem or birthday wish, you can use these messages as inspiration for making your own, or you can take just one verse and use that as a greeting.

flower border for mothers day

14 Beautiful Flower Cards:

Two birthday cards with colorful flower drawings:

1. A card with pansies, blue and red, in a green vase.

2. Two red roses with a birthday greeting.

You can use this birthday poem together with the card with the two red roses:

“Beautiful roses
So delicate of hue
So fragrant and fragile
They remind me of you”


pansies blue and red in vase          Birthday card with roses

                                                     flower border for mothers day

3. A purple flower on a pink card.

4. A vintage card with a little boy carrying a big vase with red roses for the birthday.

This card has the text:
“Happy thoughts for your birthday” with a red rose.


Happy birthday card        Boy with birthday flowers


flower border for mothers day


5. A flower card with a flower bouquet made of violets, narcissus and red and yellow flowers  as a Happy birthday greeting.


Bouquet of flowers for birthday

flower border for mothers day


Two flower greeting cards with Vintage flower drawings:

6. A vintage birthday greeting card with a flower drawing: pink roses and forget-me-not

7. “A very happy birthday to you” is the text on this next of these sweet birthday cards, this one with blue flowers.


Vintage flower card     blue flower bouquet


flower border for mothers day

8. Big indigo colored flowers on a flower card for a birthday.

purple flowers greeting card


flower border for mothers day

9. A red and a pink rose together with yellow flowers and a butterfly.

roses and yellow flowers card

flower border for mothers day

A couple of flower quotes and poems:

“Although in deepest winter,
The flowers have lost their bloom,
No longer can we smell,
Their delicate perfume,
But they’re here upon this card,
To brighten up your day,
And sent with all good wishes,
For a wonderful birthday.”


“Look outside,
it’s a beautiful day.
flowers have formed,
a splendid bouquet.

Each has been chosen,
with the outmost of care.
To bring you a smile,
right now as I share.

We celebrate with joy,
the day of your birth.
I wish I could give you,
every flower on earth.”


“Don’t wait for someone 
to bring you flowers.
Plant your own garden
and decorate your own soul.”

flower border for mothers day

10. Birthday greeting card with a framed picture of white and blue anemones.

11. Card with red, red flowers and a flower card.

Picture of flowers birthday card    red flowers card


flower border for mothers day

Two birthday greeting cards with a beautiful flower rose:

12. A flower card with a yellow-orange rose with leaves.

Yellow rose for a birthday child


13. A birthday flower card with red roses and a framed drawing of a boat on water.

Vintage birthday card with flowers


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flower border for mothers day


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