Christian Easter Cards


may-the-joy-of-eastertideToday to a lot of people Easter means The Easter Bunny, or Hare, little yellow chickens, eggs, especially painted eggs.


But let’s not forget that Easter is a Christian feast, maybe even the most important.

So you will find all kinds of secular Easter greeting cards on other pages here on this website, while this page is dedicated to greeting cards for the Christian feast Easter.

These cards are all older cards, Victorian or Vintage, but carefully restored by me, so they can be used as beautiful Easter card to send to your friends and family.

I very much hope you will like the cards I have chosen to put on this page.

“Oh Happy Easter Day
The Song of God awakes
Heaven’s glorious Morning breaks”

is the text on this beautiful Easter card with an angel carrying a basket wit clovers.

Easter card with angel and clovers

“A Happy Easter
Joy be Yours”

Three angels with lambs (Yes, it is the same motive repeated, but I think it works well)


Easter card with angels and lambs

Yet another card with an angel, this on with a guitar and flowers.

The text says:

Joy be Yours”

Easter Joys Be Yours - Angel with Violin


Here comes two cards with similar motives: Two little angels sitting by a cross, decorating the cross with flowers.

The firs card has the text:

“A Happy Easter” and the flowers here are forget-me-not.


On this second card the text says:

“A Joyous Easter” and the flowers are soft red roses.


Two angels with roses and cross

The flowers from one of the cards above are repeated here on the next card, where you see a very sweet cross made out of forget-me-not-flowers.

The text is very simple: “Happy Easter”


I am not sure what the flowers on this card is called, but they are there, partly in a vase, and there is a cross on the card, where the text says:

“Easter Joys”


“May the joy of Eastertide
ever in your heart abide”

is the text on this Easter card with a white cross and white lilies.


This next card is an old Russian card, and a I don’t understand Russian, I can only hope that it really is a Easter greeting card, as I assume from the motive with three angels and a very, very huge Easter egg and some smaller ones, entering a church.


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