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Easter Greetings with bunniesThis page will be with Easter cards all with the motive of hares or bunnies.

When I was a kid I never questioned why a hare was bringing the Easter eggs, that seemed to me as normal as the Santa Claus bringing the Christmas presents.
Easter Sunday morning we woke up, and – magic!- the Easter hare had dropped tiny Easter eggs made of sugar, to show all us kids the way from our bed to a nest in the garden (or in the house, if it was raining too much – very considerate of the hare) where we found the most wonderful chocolate Easter egg!

Of course I found out later that it might not have been the hare, but I think I was an adult before the thought popped up in my  mind: How comes we say that the hare is doing this, shouldn’t it at least be a hen?

As far as I can read on Wikipedia the tradition started in Germany, where the hare or the bunny had almost the same role as Santa, knowing which kids deserved to receive an Easter Egg and who didn’t. And the hens didn’t have anything to say about that!

So here they come, all the sweet and funny and beautiful Easter bunny cards:

This first one is with two very adorable bunnies, bordered by an eggshell, and in the background there is a cross made of pink and red flowers. There is no text, but it will be easy for you to add a handwritten text after printing the card, or add one in photoshop or an other drawing program.

Two beautiful bunnies in Easter egg

Again two bunnies, and the text says:

” A Joyous Easter”

A Joyous Easter

 You can by a lot of new Easter cards, but I must say that I prefer these older ones. They give me this feeling of happy times, safety, family – I guess I am nostalgic.
Anyway, Easter is to me a Holiday where the family come together and enjoy all the rituals of Easter, be it religious or just playing and talking and having an Easter lunch.

The two hares on this next card are so like two porcelain hares we inherited from my grandparents. These two hares are on the Easter dinner table every year.

The text says:

“Happy Easter”

Happy Easter card two hares

A joyful dance with hares and chickens dancing together to the music played by a chicken orchestra.

The text says:

“A Happy Easter”

A Happy Easter - Chicks and Hares

A rather surprising Easter egg: A little yellow chicken is being hatched from the egg!

The text says:

“A Happy Easter To You”

Easter egg surprise

Two cute rabbits with a nest with colored Easter eggs and pansies, bordered by a golden frame.

The text says:

“Easter Greetings” in gold

Easter Greetings with bunnies

And, at least for now, the last of the Easter bunny cards. Actually this is a hare, presenting eggs with little chickens in them, an Easter surprise.

Easter hare with surprise eggs

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