Free Christmas Cards to Print


free christmas card to printI have found a lot of beautiful old Christmas cards, and have had a lot of fun restoring them and now you can have them as free Christmas cards.

You can print them and send them by mail, or you can save them and send them as e-cards. There are a lot of services on the internet that offers free e-card service, and it will be great to have one of these Christmas cards to use for this purpose.

You can read more about that on the main page for Christmas.

Some of these Christmas card are from the Victorian period, some later from the start of the 20th century and in Art Nouveau style – some are with angels, others just with Santa Claus and Christmas presents.

If you click the picture you will see the real sized version i a new tab, and when you right click that one, that is the card you will save.
The cards are old, but after I have restored them the quality is really good, and they will make some charming Christmas greetings to friends and family.

These first greeting cards are with the motives of kids or youngsters, with snow and lot of Christmas gifts on the one, and a bouquet of holy on the other one.

The text on the cards is:

1. “Joyous Christmas. A wish of kindly meaning and greeting from a friend.”

2. “To wish you all happiness for the Christmastide.”

Free Christmas card to printChristmas card child holy

Aren’t they just lovely, these kids with presents and holy and dressed up for winter?



I like very much furniture and drawing from the Art Nouveau period, and I have found some paintings with the theme from Christmas.
So here comes three Art Nouveau Christmas cards.

art nouveau Christmas card

Christmas spirit art nouveau


snow landscape card



All the Christmas cards here on this page should be printed by 300 dpi, and then the size will be approx 13 x 9 cm, a few are larger, 4 x 6 inches.


Here comes two cards with the text:

  “A Merry Christmas”


The first of these two Christmas greeting cards has the motive of Santa Claus and the reindeer. Santa is on his way with gifts to all the children.

The second card has a picture from old days, and the picture is bordered with holy.


vintage Christmas cardChrismas card to print



A card with the wish for a merry Christmas and a motive of warmth and welcome, families coming together to celebrate the holiday.

Cozy Christmas landscape


Two more cute Christmas Greeting Cards:

The first with a small girl and Mistletoe, the text says:

“A happy Christmas to You.”

The next of the two is with Santa listening to a child’s wishes.

The text says: “Best Christmas Wishes”

A happy Christmas to you

Santa listening to child



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