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birthday-wishes-sweet-little-girl-sending-letterFree printable birthday cards: Happy Birthday! – What a lovely thing it is to receive a birthday card from friends, family, co-workers.

You can send an e-mail with happy birthday wishes, you can phone – but for the birthday child the best thing is to find a birthday card from you in the mail or maybe on the pc.

Here you will find a lot of very different birthday cards, some old, some Vintage, some quite new. The size for most of them is approx. 9 x 13 cm, if you print them in 300 dpi, which should give a rather good quality.

As the price for sending a snail-mail card goes up, it is more and more seldom to receive an actual birthday card.
I still find it really nice to find one in my mail box, I appreciate the trouble the person who send it went through to make it or choose it and send it, and often I place it on somewhere in my rooms where I can see it.

Those “real” cards may be the most valued, but I also highly appreciate the cards I receive send with an e-mail or send through one of the websites where  you can create your own cards. Especially if they are a bit unusual like the ones you find on these pages.
And there are more pages here with free birthday greeting cards for you.

When you find a card you like click the picture to come to the best printable quality of the card in another tab.

But let’s start with some birthday greetings to use together with these cards.
You will find more small birthday verses below on this page.

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Two Birthday Verses to go with the Free Birthday Card:


Size 4 x 5,5 in (14 x 10,2 cm) printed with 300 dpi


“A Happy Birthday
On a fair sunny pathway
With roses in bloom.
May your birthday be bright
As a garden in June!”


“As your birthdays go
Be they fast or slow
They always bring
Kind wishes from me, you know”


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Free Printable Birthday Cards:

The card is with a red, red rose, a drawing of a boat on the sea, and the text:

A Happy Birthday.

Red rose birthday card

Size printed with 300 dpi 4 x 5,5 in (14 x 10,6 cm)

The second card on this page is a drawing of a wind mill, decorated with flowers (forget-me-not-flowers) pigeons and the text: Birthday Greetings in red.

Below the card is a birthday poem to use together with this card with all the forget-me-not-flowers:

forget-me-not birthday card

“I send you blue forget-me-not,

They mean I don’t forget;
Though we may be apart, dear,
I’m thinking of you yet.”


The third birthday card is with beautiful flowers and the text:

“Birthday Greeting – May the years be many and your sorrows few.”

Birthday greeting card with poem

Here comes a modern Happy Birthday card, with balloons and a cake with candles:

modern happy birthday card

A Happy Birthday card with red clover:

The text on this card says:

“A Birthday Wish
For Luck and Happiness””

good luck birthday card

A genuine new birthday card, with funny balloon faces:

funny birthday card with balloons

One more modern birthday card with a birthday cake, balloons, candles and the text:

“Wishing You a Happy Birthday.”


A free birthday card with a drawing of a landscape with the sea, trees and a boat.

The text says:

“A Happy Birthday,
As happy as the gulls
that soar above the rocks,
along the shore,
and sparkling as the summer sea, –
so happy may your birthday bee

cards for birthday with poem

A free printable birthday card with a motive with chickens and an egg, just newly born.
This card is from the year 1908.

A Happy birthday card

Here comes a very cute free birthday greeting card with birthday wishes.
The drawing is of a sweet little girl, determined to send you a birthday card no matter what!


This next card combines a color drawing of red clover and the text:

Birthday Greetings.

free printable greeting cards clover

A Violet card for birthday children who just loves this spring flower.

This card is smaller than the others, printed with 300 dpi it should be approx. 3,5 x 2,6 inches.

birthday card violets


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As promised above you will here find some more birthday sayings and birthday poems:

Small Birthday Verses:


“Because it’s your birthday
I’m thinking of you
Such lovely surprises
I’m wishing you too.”


“There’s health and wealth and happiness
And joy of every hue
In the rainbow of good wishes
That extends from me to you.”


“A birthday greeting.
Just a birthday greeting true,
Because of my regard for you.”


“Glad thoughts be yours this birthday morn’
May heaven true blessings send
May peace contentment, love be yours
And joy without an end.”


“A Delightful Birthday.
May ev’ry precious minute
Of thy coming birthday be
Just as charmingly delightful
As thy friendship is to me.”



“Birthday Greetings.
May all your birthday make glad pages
Midst the countless leaves
of the book of the ages.”

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Here below you see an old free birthday card with a drawing of a child riding a big black dog.
The dog is carrying a letter with a golden horseshoe, the child has a four-leaf clover in the hand, both for good luck to the birthday child.

It has the text:

“Birthday Greetings”

Girl Riding Dog with Letter

Girl Riding Dog with Letter

Another of the free printable birthday cards, this one with the head of a young woman and a rose. It is old Vintage, kind of art nouveau.

Birthday Greetings

border of birthday cakes

Here comes the last of the short birthday poems and sayings on this page:

Last of the Short Birthday Verses to go with these Cards for Birthday:


May this Birthday be
to you a day
of happy thoughts.


Sincerest Wishes
for years and years
of happiness – Happy Birthday


What shall I wish you dear, today,
That your heart be happy bright and gay,
Surrounded by all you love the best,
And God your pathway guide and bless.


Wishing you many returns of the day
May this your Birthday be happy and bright
Many the warm-hearted friends who will say:
“God grant you blessings of purest delight”.


All happiness this day be thine,
Bright sun upon thee ever shine.


Happy may your birthday be,
Care and sorrow from you flee.


It is your birthday – on my word,
I had these tidings from a bird
Who sang thy praises in mine ear.
I wish thee happiness, my dear.


My wish is that you’ll have in store
Of happy birthdays many more.


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birthday greeting card

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