Free Printable Birthday Cards


Free printable birthday cards: Happy Birthday! – What a lovely thing it is to receive a birthday card from friends, family, co-workers.

You can send an e-mail with happy birthday wishes, you can phone – but for the birthday child the best thing is to find a birthday card from you in the mail or maybe on the pc.

Here you will find a lot of very different birthday cards, some old, some Vintage, some quite new. The size for most of them is approx. 9 x 13 cm, if you print them in 300 dpi, which should give a rather good quality.

The first card is with a red, red rose, a drawing of a boat on the sea, and the text:

A Happy Birthday.


The second card on this page is a drawing of a wind mill, decorated with flowers (forget-me-not-flowers) pigeons and the text: Birthday Greetings in red.

free printable birthday cards wind mill mad of flowers birthday card

The third birthday card is with beautiful flowers and the text:

Birthday Greeting – May thy years be many and thy sorrows few.


Here comes a modern Happy Birthday card, with balloons and a cake with candles:


A Happy Birthday card with red clover:


One more modern birthday card with a birthday cake, balloons, candles and the text:

Wishing You a Happy Birthday.


An old birthday card with a drawing of a landscape with the sea, trees and a boat.

The text says:

A Happy Birthday, As happy as the gulls that soar above the rocks, along the shore, and sparkling as the summer sea, – so happy may your birthday bee.


A free printable birthday card with a motive for Easter, with chickens and an egg. This card is from the year 1908.


Here comes a very cute card with birthday wishes. The drawing is of a sweet little girl, sending a letter.


This next card combines a color drawing of red clover and the text:

Birthday Greetings.

Card with Birthday Greetings

A very delicate decorated birthday card. It has the drawing of a book and flowers.

The text says:

Birthday Greetings.

May all your birthday make glad pages

Midst the countless leaves

of the book of the ages.


Here below you see an old vintage birthday card with a drawing of a child riding a big black dog, carrying a letter, throwing flowers.

It has the text:

Birthday Greetings

Girl Riding Dog with Letter

Another of the free printable birthday cards, this one with the head of a young woman and a rose. It is old Vintage, kind of art nouveau.

Birthday Greetings head of woman rose



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