Funny Animal Greeting Cards


mouse-with-marsh-mellowI decided to make these funny animal greeting cards when I stumbled upon a deck of cards with funny animal pictures.

I guess they were once meant to be used for a game where you have to collect 4 cards with the same kind of animals: 4 elephants, 4 monkeys and so on.

They were also made as an advertisement for cigarettes, though today it is strange to think of the combination of cigarettes and a card game also meant for children.

It takes some time to restore all the animal graphics, and not all of them are funny or good enough to be made into cards, but for now you will find 16 printable postcards here with funny and cute cartoon animals.

I haven’t added any text to these funny greeting cards because I find they can be used for so many different things.
All  the friends of your child will love to get each a card with a different cartoon animal as an invitation to a birthday or a party, and you can use them as place cards if you write the names of the guests.

You can even use them as place cards without names written on them, if they fit the animal drawing on the invitation. Then the guests have to find their own animal, a great start to the party.

All the card are 4 x 5,5 inches when printed with 300 dpi.

The first card shows a cartoon mouse running away from a cat, you can see the shadow of the cat.

mouse running from cat


A charming monkey lady with an umbrella and glasses.

Aren’t they just adorable, these greeting cards?




A chicken dressed up for party.




A baby elephant on a very old fashioned wooden bicycle.

You can almost see the joy of being able to ride a bike in the elephants expression.




An ancient mariner, a cartoon duck, fishing in a quiet pond, with a pipe  in his mouth.

Now I come to think of it, there are actually quite a few of these animal graphics that are made with pipes. Well, it was, as I mentioned, originally made as an advertisement for cigarettes, so maybe that is why. Or maybe it is just because in those days the pipe was connected to sailors and older dignitaries.



A printable postcard with a silly but cute rabbit girl, standing under a mistletoe, waiting to be kissed, I am sure!




A happy fox girl, it looks like she has just started her holiday, or maybe she is so joyful because it is her birthday?




An elephant boy, blowing soap bubbles, and as you can see, an elephant can blow really, really big bubbles.




Yet another cartoon animal headed for a party, a monkey girl with her best dress and curly hair 🙂




I am not quite sure what kind of animal this is? Guess it is a monkey with big teeth.

As you can see there is free space on all the cards if you want to write a little message or greeting on the front of the card.



A hare with a top hat, pipe and stick.
I think it is funny so see the really big trousers it was necessary to make for this cartoon character.




A mouse which cooks the marsh mellows over a candle. Cozy.


mouse-with-marsh-mellow - Kopi


Another happy cartoon animal, a hare or rabbit jumping a fence.




Here comes two cards with funny animal pictures of a hedgehog.

First a hedgehog woman entering her little cottage.



And this could be her husband hedgehog, out catching worms and other nice things for dinner.

When I have finished restoring all the animal drawings there should be at least two of every kind of animal and then the cards would serve well for finding the one you are going to sit next to at the party table.




Rabbit mama or grandma with her knitting, surprised by the rain.




This is it for now, I really like these funny postcards with old animal pictures, enjoy them and use them for free.

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