Homemade Halloween Cards – Cool Greeting Card Ideas for DIY Greeting Cards


If you’re reading this odds are that October 31st is approaching and you’ve decided to create some homemade Halloween cards for someone close to you – your lover, your family (incl. your kids), friends or colleagues.


If so, then you’ve come to the right place. This page presents more that 10 great Halloween card ideas for your DIY greeting cards (do-it-yourself cards).

For your viewing (and printing) pleasure the page is decorated with a few choice free Halloween cards – mostly in the form of vintage Halloween postcards, typically: Victorian Halloween cards. Some of those old postcards are truly unique Halloween cards, very pleasing to the eye.


Homemade Halloween Cards: Making Your Own Halloween Cards

These days there’s so much to choose from when it comes to greeting cards. Halloween cards don’t necessarily need to be bought in the local store – they can also be free printable Halloween cards that you can find online (on this website for example), though these free Halloween cards will definitely be much cheaper to use than making your own homemade postcards.

Halloween post card - vintage - Girl on broom with black cat, yellow moon

However, when it comes to sending out a card with a lot of meaning (e.g. for your love partner, or your prospective love partner), it’s often a really good idea to make your own. It’s just so much more personal and unique.

Also, you can have a lot of fun turning out your own holiday greeting cards when you make them by hand, and you can get very creative with the ideas. If you want to make your own Halloween cards, here are some ideas for you to consider:


Message in a Bottle

There’s nothing creeper than opening a bottle and having a spider or slug fall out onto your lap, and it can be a fun prank/card making idea for your Halloween greeting cards. You will need a few wine bottles, or pretty much any glass bottles that are not transparent.

You can place your note inside the bottle, along with a rubber snake, spider, or anything else that will fall out when the person shakes the bottle to get at the rolled-up note stored in the bottle. It will be hilarious when they open the note, and you should definitely try and be there when they receive the bottle just to see them fly into the air with surprise as a snake or spider lands on their lap.


Owls in the Dark

Owls are definitely Halloween creatures, and it can be a fun decorative idea to use them as the greeting card. You can download a stencil for an owl from the internet, and use it to cut out a folded piece of black construction paper into the shape of your owl. Use orange marker to draw the features on the owl, and use a white pen to fill in the information on the inside fold of the card. Whooooo says that it isn’t fun to play with owls? It can be a hoot!


Halloween Masquerade

If you’re going to throw a costume party, why not consider throwing a Masquerade party? You can easily make your own cards using a simple mask, and you can decorate the mask using white and orange rhinestones (glued in place with a hot glue gun, of course). You can use pretty much any kind of mask that you want, or you can cut out a masque from construction paper to make a simple card. Send out the simple mask in an envelope, along with a spooky Halloween note inviting everyone to your party. It’s a lot of work, but if you want to be original for your party, this will definitely be a fun theme that everyone will enjoy.


Springy Candy Container Snakes

Joke candy container snakes can be another hilarious idea for your Halloween cards, and it will be a present that you can send to just about everyone. You can decorate the candy container using simple Halloween decorations, along with a simple note letting them know that you’re thinking of this on this Halloween. When they unscrew the lid of the container, the springy snakes will leap out at them – giving them the fright that they should have this Halloween. You can tape a note to the end of one of the snakes, and this note can invite them to your party (a gesture to make up for scaring the wits out of them!). It can be a hilarious prank idea, and it’s a great way to send a Halloween card to a friend that you want to scare the life out of on this Halloween.


Halloween greeting cards - Child with pumpkin head and a black cat, spook


Pumpkins are a major part of Halloween, and you can make a number of wonderful greeting cards and Halloween cards using Pumpkins. You can whip up a simple Halloween card and place it into a nice colorful envelope, and use a Pumpkin sticker or cutout picture to close the envelope in style.

halloween-clipart-pumpkin-night halloween-clip-art-pumpkin-night halloween-clipart-smiling

You can also cut out a Pumpkin shape from a piece of Orange construction paper, and glue it onto a black piece of paper cut out in the same shape. You can then cut out the face of your pumpkin, and use white marker or pen to write your message on the card. The sky is the limit when it comes to using pumpkins for Halloween cards. halloween-clip-art-three-pumpkins

You can find more Halloween clip art here.


Spider Web Card

This card idea is a very unique one, and it will make a card that few people will forget. For the card, you will need paper or lace that looks like a spider’s web. You can cut it out by hand, or you can buy it from local stores – wherever you can find it. You will then take a long piece of construction paper (the color of your choice), and fold it in half and then into half once more. Straighten the paper out, glue the spider webbing around the edges of the card, and decorate the paper as you see fit. Once you’ve written out your message, fold the card into an accordion style, and send it out in a fancy envelope.


Glow in the Dark

A glow in the dark invitation can be very challenging to make, but it will be a very unique card that will help the recipient get into the spirit of Halloween. You will need a few Glow in the Dark items, the larger the better in this case. You can use planets or any round objects as the glow in the dark items, and you can use a solid pair of scissors or a cutting knife to cut them into the shape that you want. You can make a skeleton fairly easily (the ribs and pelvis will be a challenge), or you can make your own haunted house using shapes cut out from the glow in the dark items. You can use a hot glue gun to paste them to the card that you will be sending out, and don’t forget to add instructions for the recipient to look at the card in the dark.




There are many websites where you can download free clipart, and skeleton clipart can be perfect to use as the decorations for your card. You can make a simple card using black construction paper, and you can use the skeletons to decorate them. If you really want to get fancy, you can cut out a large picture of a skeleton printed on black paper. Cut the limbs off, and use special pins to attach the hands, elbows, and shoulders in place. You can cut another piece of paper for the back of the body of the skeleton, and that will be where you will write the message to the person receiving the card.



Zombies are definitely in the spirit of the holiday, and they can be an excellent idea for making a card. You can use a simple Tombstone design for your card, and you can print out the tombstone in a card size. You will need to use a photo editing program for this, but you can put the arm of a zombie reaching out from the grave in front of the tombstone – which you will print out as well as the original stone. You can paste the picture with the zombie to the front of the RIP tombstone, and you can write the information for your party as the inscription on the gravestone. This card will be very unique, and it can be a lot of fun to make. You can also use zombies as the ideas for the cards themselves, and you can find “before and after” cartoons of people and zombies to print out. Write the message on the “people” picture, and paste the zombie picture on the back to give them a fright.


Severed Hand in a Box

If you really want to get spooky, it may be a good idea to make this card. The card will be more of a present for the person that you want to startle, and it can be fun if you make the hand look lifelike. You can find models for hands, or you can find instructions on how to make lifelike clay hands online. Once you’ve got the hand made and painted, wrap a ribbon around the finger of your choice, along with a little note attached to it. Place the hand inside the box – don’t forget to add plenty of padding – and send it to your friend. If you can be there when they open the box, you will be able to see the terrified expression that flits across their face before they realize that it’s fake!


Crazy Scientist Creation

What could the mad genius have cooked up this time? Sending out a fun invitation along with a miniature test tube can be very fun, especially if you add something delicious into the tube. You can see if the Postal Service will allow you to ship a test tube filled with vodka or rum – dyed red with food color – or else you can drop it off at the door yourself. You can leave a note with instructions for the person to bring their creation to the party they are invited to, and everyone can hoist their strangely colored test tubes to start the party in style. Don’t forget to add a little note with a specimen number to the test tube, and burn the edges of the note to give it a faded, creepy look.

Use these ideas to help you to come up with crazy, fun Halloween Cards that will get you and your friends in the spirit of the holiday.

Halloween greeting post cards - cool, stylish - Witch with broom and a black cat


A Few Tips for Halloween Greeting Cards

If you’re going to make your own Halloween greeting cards, here are a few things to keep in mind:
Avoid Death Imagery – Skeletons and zombies can be fun if they’re done right, but you want to avoid anything that is too reminiscent of death. It’s supposed to be a fun holiday, so avoid anything that is gruesome or morbid.


Keep the Cards Simple

– Most people see Halloween is a time for fun and frivolity, and few people will send out Halloween cards like they will Christmas cards. If you’re going to send out cards, keep them fun and keep them simple and short. Don’t write a fancy, flowery message, but keep your note concise and cheery.


Some Words Relevant for Your DIU Greeting Cards

– Whatever you write on your personalized holiday cards it should definitely contain words (or: depict things) like these: ghosts, black cats, witches, mummies, zombies, goblins, pumpkins, the moon, dark clouds, owls, creepy, scary, spooky, chilling, petrifying, terrifying, shocking, startling, scarecrows, jack-o-lanterns, graveyard, October, haunted, skeletons, Grim Reaper, costume, trick or treat, vampire, bloodcurdling, monsters, Frankenstein, werewolves.


Send the Card in Advance

– Halloween is a very busy time of the year for the Postal Service, as a lot of people are sending gifts, flowers, and cards to their family, so make sure to send the card with enough time to arrive early for the holiday.

Halloween card with girl and pumpkins

Have Fun with It

– Making the Halloween cards can be a lot of fun, and that’s what the holiday’s all about. You should make the cards as fancy or simple as you can, and don’t stress if you can’t get the card just right. The most important thing to do is to have fun with the card, and don’t expect it to be perfect.

These tips will help you to make a Halloween greeting card that is guaranteed to be a success, and you will find that sending out the right Halloween greeting card will be very important. You don’t have to be a pro at making cards or doing arts and crafts, but the ideas on this page can be done as simply or as complex as you want!


Halloween greeting cards - Witch in her house with a black cat; yellow moon and bat

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