Making Your Own Free Printable Birthday Cards


Making free printable birthday cards can be a lot of fun, and they’re a great way to make a personalized card for your loved one and friends on this special day.

If you want to make printable birthday cards, you may find that using your own computer will be the way to go.
You can use any of the programs that you already have installed on your computer, and you’ll be able to whip up a simple birthday card in no time!

Making Cards for Birthday and Other Occasions

Making your own greeting cards is actually quite easy, and, if you like, you can do it using programs like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher.

Below you’ll learn how to use both programs, and it will be easy to make your own birthday cards in a trice!

Using Microsoft Publisher

Step 1: Open Microsoft Publisher. Go to your Start Menu, click on All Programs, and find the Microsoft Office folder. Click on it, and scroll down the list until you find Microsoft Publisher. Click on it to open the program.

Step 2: Upon opening, the program will give you a wide range of options for paper sizes, templates, etc. Look for the category labeled “Greeting Cards”, and click on it.

Step 3: Scroll down through the list of the various cards, and search for the category marked “Birthday”. There will be five or six options to choose from, as well as a folder labeled “All Birthday”. Click on the “All Birthday” folder, and it will take you to the page displaying all of the birthday card templates.

Step 4: There are close to 100 different cards that you can choose from, and you can open each one individually to see if it is the format you like. Clicking once on the card will bring up a preview in the window on the right side of the screen, and you will be able to see what the card looks like more clearly. Search through the various options to find the one that you like best, and double click on it.

Step 5: Insert your birthday message, greeting, and other text into the card. There will be text boxes where you will type the text, and make sure that your text fits into the text boxes. It will take a few minutes to input all of the text, and use the edit text tool to help you choose the right font, size, color, and other features for the text.

Step 6: Insert images into the card. Many cards will allow you a space to input an image, or you can use clipart to decorate your cards for birthday. It will be as simple as dragging and dropping the pictures into the file, and they will automatically be included in the card. Use the points on the corner of the image to expand it to the size you want, and set it in place by dragging it into the desired position.

Step 7: Once you’re satisfied that the card is ready, save it as a Microsoft Publisher project. Save it again as a PDF, and print the PDF file out. It will be much easier to print it from PDF format, but saving it as a Microsoft Publisher project means that you’ll be able to open it again and edit it should you find anything wrong with the card.

Just like that, you’ve made a beautiful, simple birthday card using Microsoft Publisher!


Happy birthday greeting card


Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a bit harder to work with, but it will give you many more font options than Publisher. If you want to keep things simple and elegant, Word may be the best program for you.

Step 1: Find Microsoft Word by opening the Start Menu, selecting the All Programs option, and clicking on Microsoft Office. Word should be near the bottom of the list of programs.

Step 2: A blank word document will be opened, but it will be a simple document that you will have to edit yourself. Instead of using the blank document, click on the “File” tab at the top left side of the page. Find the button labeled “New”, and navigate through the templates until you find the “Cards” option. Double click on it and search through the various cards until you find birthday cards.

Step 3: If you want to make it easier to find the birthday cards, look for the search box near the top of the screen on the right side. Input the search phrase “birthday”, and press “Enter” to initiate the search. Word will produce a number of templates for birthday cards and invitations, both from templates in the program and from the Office Online database. Search for the template you like, and download it to use it.

Step 4: The templates in Word will be much simpler, but they will still be easy to work with. Use the text boxes to add the greeting and birthday messages that you want, and keep the card nice and simple. You can use the text tool to change the font, color, and size of the text, and it will make it easier for you to get the card ready.

Step 5: Save the card as a Microsoft Word document, but also as a PDF. PDF files can be taken anywhere and printed out by any computer, but only computers that have Microsoft Word on them can print out Word documents. Saving your files as PDFs will ensure that they can be printed anywhere.

It’s very easy to use Microsoft Word to print out your free printable birthday cards, but they will be simpler than if you used a program like Microsoft Publisher.

You’ll find that Word is a tougher program to work with when it comes to images, so it may be easier for you just to use Publisher — even though the text options are much more limited with this program.



The Beauty of Birthday Cards

Not sure if you should invest the time into making fancy birthday cards for your loved one?

Birthday cards can be an awesome keepsake from your loved one’s birthday, and you will be able to store the memory for the rest of your life.
It’s worth it to invest time into making a beautiful birthday card that your loved one can keep.

There are many things that you can do with it once it’s made:

• Scan It — Keeping all of your photos on your computer is a good way to ensure that you will be able to keep the memories forever, and you can do the same thing with the birthday cards that you make.
Fancy birthday cards will be easy to make, and you can simply scan them and save them in a folder on your computer. If you ever need new ideas of cards to make, look at the scanned cards you’ve already made.

• Scrapbook It — Why not make a scrap book with all of the birthday cards that you’ve made for your spouse or kids in the past? It will be a cute book that you can keep, and you’ll be able to flip through the pages to see the cards that you’ve made for your spouse over the last few years or decades.
If you want an original gift that he is sure to enjoy, consider making this present with all of the birthday cards you’ve made for him.

• Reuse It — The best thing about a well-made birthday card is that it can be reused, and you’ll find that it will be a much more time-effective solution than making a brand new card. If you want to do something with an older card, you can simply glue a scrap of paper over the message that you wrote for the last recipient of the card and it can be re-gifted.

It’s amazing what you can do with birthday cards that are made right, so it’s worth making a birthday card by hand just to have something to keep as a memory.


Birthday cards will be fairly easy to make in the comfort of your own home, and you can make funny birthday cards and cute happy birthday cards as a special, personalized gift to give to your loved one on this special day.

It will be worth investing a bit of effort into making them right, as they’ll be a keepsake that you’ll be able to store for the rest of your lives!

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