Modern Thanksgiving Cards


As you might have noticed, there is a page here on this site with beautiful Thanksgiving cards.


Those are mostly vintage cards or older cards, so I have made this page with a different kind of greeting cards. More moderne, and some with a funny twist to the greeting.

All the cards on this page are the size 13 x 9 cm, when printed in 300 dpi. They look smaller here, of course, but click on the picture of the card, that should bring you to a new tap with the original picture.

This first card is with this twist. A close up picture of a turkey birds, saying:

“Hmm” and then “Happy Thanksgiving :-)”. I actually think is is rather overbearing and grandiose of the turkey!


Here you see a card with a text that says “Happy Thanksgiving”, and the motive is a cornucopia with all kinds of delicous fruits and punpkins, all the food we grow and harvest.

Thanksgiving cornucopia

I must admit the humor in this card is a bit special, but I kind of like it.

The motive is a turkey dressed up for a party, and the text says:

“It’s not that I’m against the idea of Thanksgiving. It’s just…maybe I could come as a guest this time?…No?..NO?”

As it is, the turkey bird is somehow the “guest of honor” at the Thanksgiving dinner, and this bird looks as if it is really up to a party.


Again a Thanksgiving cornucopia, almost with the same motive as the card above, but this one looks more like an old painting.

The text is “Happy Thanksgiving”


This time two turkey birds, coming to “join” you for your Thanksgiving dinner 🙂

The text says: “You called?” “Happy Thanksgiving”

two-turkey-picturecard-for Thanksgiving

Next two Thanksgiving cards are with the motive of pumpkins, symbol of the richness of the fertility of the soil.

Firt card has a border of fall leaves, and a text that says:

“Warmest thoughts and best wishes for Thanksgiving”


The second card has only the text: “Happy Thanksgiving” and a lot of pumpkins as motive.


I hope you amongst all these Thanksgiving cards will find one you like, otherwise please visit the other page with cards for Thanksgiving

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