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small-birthday-card-with-beautiful-red-flowersDo you recognize that sinking feeling as you see your best friend opening their birthday cards, and you remember you’ve forgotten to buy them one?

It’s a common phenomenon felt in homes and offices across the world. That’s why printable birthday cards can be a great face-saver!

It no longer matters if you live in the middle of nowhere, and the all the stores are closed, you can just go to your computer and select a design from any number of printable cards. Press that print button and you’re done.

No one will ever know you forgot!

I’m such a huge fan of cards anyway. I don’t need any excuses to send one, and printable cards give me even more choice.
Whether I want to send happy birthday cards, funny birthday cards, romantic birthday cards or even the ‘I know I don’t know you very well, but here, have a birthday card anyway!’ type of card.

All the cards on this page are small, so don’t save those. You have to click them to come to the card in the appropriate size, which will be 6 x 4 inches (15,24 x 10,16 cm) printed with 300 dpi. This gives a really good quality for the card print. Save them and print them.

If you have a drawing program you can change the size of the cards it you like, and add text.

The cards are free for you to use, as long as you use them for your own personal use.


Printable birthday cards are more convenient

Remember though, that printable cards are not just there for the forgetful.

The comfort and convenience of being able to choose a card at your own leisure is part of the attraction. I don’t know about you, but I hate buying birthday cards in a store.

Birthday cards with girl         gorilla-birthday-card


Bouquet of roses for birthday       A young woman at her birthday

First off, I can never find the section I want – I can see birthday cards for sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, teachers, best friends, pets!
No! I just want a birthday card for my Mom!

Eventually, I find the right section, but then I can’t find the right design on the front – two kittens in a basket, a puppy wearing a waistcoat, a butterfly cupcake, a designer handbag, a bunch of flowers!
No! I just want a birthday card with an image that says something personal.

And finally, there are the messages – humorous, rude, buttock-clenchingly sentimental, and the just downright weird! No! She’s my Mom and I’ll tell her how I feel, thank you very much.

Am I over-reacting? I don’t think so.

Printable birthday cards take all the jeopardy out of the buying process. You can get exactly what you want, when you want. The image will be right, the message will be right, and it will feel all the more personal to the recipient. It shows you care.

Most of my friends and family use birthday cards they find on the internet all the time now. No wonder the high street card shops are in decline – I think they forgot what it was they were offering, they became too distant and detached from the customer.

The growth of the printable cards sector has shown how out of touch card shops had become.


Happy birthday wish

Modern birthday card

The cost of printable birthday cards

Online, you can choose from a huge selection of  birthday cards and at prices to suit all pockets, it is even possible to find free printable birthday cards as you find them here.

Everyone likes to receive a card on their birthday, it makes them feel special and loved. You know how you feel when someone forgets? So don’t be that person – send a personalized birthday card.
Even if you don’t choose from the range of free printable birthday cards available, you won’t end up spending a fortune. Printable cards are economic and easy to produce.


The greener option

Think of all those road miles you save the planet by buying  cards online.

Use your own recycled card and paper to produce a really green product. Some home printers will even accept recycled ink cartridges – you can bet your life that the big card companies aren’t as environmentally conscious as you are.

You can read on below on this page, but first I will give you some more free birthday cards:


birthday card red flowers     Happy birthday thoughts

Red roses for Birthday

Printable birthday card

Flower birthday card     Birthday card kittens girl

Why send happy birthday messages?

But why do we send birthday card messages to our friends and loved ones. It seems an odd thing to do, who started it? When were the first happy birthday messages sent?

Well, no one really knows, although it is believed the first birthday cards were sent in England over a century ago.

This was around the time people began to travel more and live further away from their loved ones, so sending a birthday card to wish someone well was a way of saying they were still in your thoughts – printable birthday cards are just a continuation of this lovely tradition.

Birthday card girl bird      Birthday greeting card


Customize your birthday cards

The beauty of printable birthday cards is that you can customize them. Who hasn’t ever wanted to send the office grouch a card that tells them just how it is? Just me then?

But printable cards allow me to put in my own birthday card sayings to my brother.
OK so the rhymes may not be clean, but they do make for funny birthday cards!
With a personalized image, a personalized rhyme and at a cost to suit my budget, no wonder I’m such a fan of printable birthday cards.

And, yes, I am the person who sent their best friend a birthday card with a mandrill’s bottom on the front, but I am also the person who sent their Grandpops a card full of happy birthday quotes that meant something real to him – because I wrote them just for the two us.

Sometimes when you want to tell someone how much you love them but can’t find the words, its easier to write them down.
Who wants the sales assistant knowing what you are sending to your lover? It’s a personal and private thing, an intimate moment that you share together.

Birthday card with poem      art deco birthday card


Add some humor to your day

Funny birthday cards are probably the most popular style of cards that are given. Everyone likes to laugh, especially as they get older! Did you know that a child laughs around 400 times a day, and an adult less than 20? No wonder we like to add some humor in to our lives where we can!

Funny birthday cards will often have an amusing picture on the front, and a corny joke or observation inside. The humor of these birthday card quotes is not meant to be offensive – they are just a gentle reminder of the passing years.

Popular printable birthday cards designs include creating a spoof cover of a newspaper or magazine on the front through adding a photo and some silly headlines about the recipient.
Recently, I made a card online for my seven year old nephew who is mad about carp fishing.
With spoof headlines like “What a whopper!”and “Jake nets the biggest catch this season” he was absolutely delighted – and it made us all chuckle as well. He proudly took the card to school to show his friends.



Happy birthday quotes – it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

My grandmother would always turn to the birthday card messages on the back before she even glanced at the picture on the front. It was this that always made me read every card carefully, to check it had exactly the right message.
Now, with printable birthday cards the message will always say what I want it to.
But don’t worry if inspiration fails you at this critical time. The internet will always come to your rescue, guiding you what to write. It does though depend on the tone you are trying to set! For instance my three year old son loves this rhyme:

Happy Birthday to you
I went to the zoo
I saw a big monkey
And I thought it was

This one is a close second, and is chanted in playgrounds up and down the country:

Happy Birthday to you
Squashed tomatoes and stew
Bread and butter in the gutter
Happy Birthday to you!

As you can see, the typical humor of a three year old is the same the world over. But perhaps your Great Aunt Maud would prefer something a little less silly.
Think carefully about who your printable birthday cards are for, and the sort of happy birthday quotes they would appreciate.

Birthday card messages don’t always have to rhyme, how about using an inspirational quote from the Dalai Lama (there is even a Twitter feed devoted to quotes from him).
I like this one that is peppered with self-effacing humor:

Not only can I not recall my experiences in previous lives, I sometimes can’t even remember what I did yesterday.

Or how about this one from George Harrison, I think you could have quite a bit of fun with this:

All the world is a birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.

But, when all else fails, there is no one better to turn to than that great philosopher, Homer Simpson:

Here’s to alcohol, the cause of — and solution to — all life’s problems.


Some more respectful birthday card sayings

I appreciate that not everyone is looking for hilarious, or mildly insulting happy birthday sayings.

Sometimes a birthday card has been sent in the hope that it will heal rifts and signal a new start to a relationship. Apart from Christmas, there is often no other excuse for sending a card to someone, especially to someone you want to apologize to.

In these situations, birthday card messages can be more about the nature of friendship and forgiveness – if the words are written from the heart then they will be read and understood.
The 13th century Muslim poet Rumi wrote:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

This simple message offers a hand of friendship, who couldn’t be moved to respond?

While we are thinking about more respectful birthday card sayings I think a word of caution might be in order.
Just because you find a card or quote really amusing, put yourself in the recipients shoes – how funny will they find it? So don’t send your sensitive boss a card likening them to a tyrant!

birthday card with a wish    birthday card with wish


There is more variety with printable birthday cards

My Dad doesn’t play golf, he’s not a fan of racing cars, or fishing, and he doesn’t wear tartan slippers or smoke a pipe – so finding a card in most stores is a bit of a nightmare. It’s as if all commercial card designers think Dads are 1950s throwbacks. With printable birthday cards you get to choose what goes on the front, you get to personalize your card.

Think about the type of paper or card you are going to print on as well. I once saw some printable birthday cards that had been printed on linen napkins – obviously they used a fabric ink instead of regular ink – but what a lovely idea, they had created a real keepsake.

Creating printable birthday cards means you can play around with the fonts, you could even add a logo, upload a photo, and edit away until your heart is content. But don’t worry if you don’t have anything to use, websites have enormous graphic libraries from which you can select templates and images.

If you get really good at creating cards, you could even consider setting up your own little cottage industry.



Printable birthday cards for kids

It’s a well known fact among parents that kids love looking at themselves. They especially like looking at themselves doing something silly.

This unconscious narcissism is a great thing to play on. Add their heads to the bodies of their favorite cartoon characters, or add them in to a strange environment like a dinosaur landscape, or an underwater world.
My friend photoshopped her daughter’s head onto a fairy picture and made it into a printable birthday card – her little girl loved it and still has it standing on her bedroom shelf.

One of my friends always uses printable birthday cards to send to kids.
She not only creates a unique card, but she pins a little present onto the card as well. It is so sweet, I’ve seen candy bars, small toys and homemade buttons all attached to her cards. The kids adore them.

Because making printable birthday cards is so easy to do, why not give your kids free reign, and let them design their own cards. They can have as many goes as they like.
It keeps them busy, encourages them to learn new skills and brings out hidden creative talents you might never have know were there. You could discover that you have a little graphic designer in the making!


Celebrate important milestones with printable birthday cards

Age 18, you officially become an adult, you can vote, get married without parental permission and buy alcohol – every one of these can be a source of inspiration for printable birthday cards.

Age 21 in most US states you’re allowed to drink in a bar.

Thirty is the next big milestone, then forty, it seems each decade becomes yet another milestone.

Then there is the retirement birthday – yet another excuse for sending out happy birthday cards.

Printable birthday cards can be used to celebrate each milestone age – whether the birthday boy or girl wants to admit their true age or not!


Happy birthday cards for that special someone in your life

Keep your better half sweet with personalized birthday cards.

To all you men out there, here is an important message: wives and girlfriends still like a bit of romance in their lives. So don’t just fling something together and hope for the best! A picture of Princess Leia in her chains and bikini may appeal to you, but could make your girlfriend feel a little inadequate!
Turn it around, would you men like a birthday card with a half naked Brad Pitt on the front? I thought not. So try and be a little bit sensitive.

Having just said all that, romantic birthday card sayings don’t always have to be overly sentimental. For instance, you could take some poetry and use it for your happy birthday quotes.
Take inspiration from Christina Rosetti who wrote a beautiful poem called A Birthday.

Or how about quoting a poem from one of the romantic poets John Keats, Samuel Coleridge or William Wordsworth. The quality of their writing does not diminish over time – in fact in an age of computers and technology their words have even more poignancy.


Some unusual ideas for happy birthday cards

We all like to do something different, to stand out from the crowd. So why not design your printable birthday cards to be a different and unusual.

Did you know that every month of the year has a special flower and gemstone associated with it? To make your printable birthday cards unique why not choose an image or quote that reflects this.

Take a look at this list of the months and their associated symbols.


Birthstone Flower

January Garnet Cottage pink or Snowdrop
February Amethyst Violet
March Aquamarine or Bloodstone Daffodil
April Diamond Daisy or Sweet pea
May Emerald Lily of the valley
June Pearl, Moonstone or Alexandrite Rose or Honeysuckle
July Ruby Water lily or Delphinium
August Peridot or Onyx Poppy or gladioli
September Sapphire Forget-me-not or Morning glory
October Opal Marigold
November Topaz or Citrine Chrysanthemum
December Turquoise or Zircon Holly or Pointsettia

You don’t have to do anything as obvious as using the flowers and birthstones as images, why not develop the color scheme for your printable birthday cards based on the colors of the gemstones or flowers.

I did see a lovely card once, that a child had sent to their teacher. The teacher was born in March so the child had painted some daffodils for the front, had quoted some lines from William Wordsworth’s beautiful poem Daffodils, and they had also wrapped up some daffodil bulbs as a present – so the teacher could grow her own birth flowers the following year. What a thoughtful card and gift.


Signs of the zodiac and printable birthday cards

As well as the astrological zodiac westerners are most familiar with, you could also find your friends Aztec or Chinese sign, and incorporate that into your design or message. Rather than having a sign to represent each individual month, Aztec and Chinese birth signs relate more to the year you are born.

saggitarius birthday card


Signs of the zodiac

Aries the ram – March 21-April 19
Taurus the bull – April 20-May 20
Gemini the twins – May 21-June 20
Cancer the crab – June 21-July 22
Leo the lion – July 23-August 22
Virgo the virgin – August 23-September 22
Libra the scales – September 23-October 22
Scorpio the scorpion – October 23-November 21
Sagittarius the archer – November 22-December 21
Capricorn the goat – December 22-January 19
Aquarius the water bearer – January 20-February 18
Pisces the fish – February 19-March 20


Celebrate the date you were born

You can use printable birthday cards to gather together all sorts of trivia and images from the year your friend was born, or just things that have happened on that date in history. Randomly I picked August 19th 1969.

Honky Tonk Woman by the Rolling Stones was at number one in the US, and the British charts.

In 1969 Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon. It was the summer of love with the music festival Woodstock taking place in New York state. The TV channel PBS was established in the US. Concorde made its first test flight, and the cash dispenser was invented.

Famous people born June 19th include: Bill Clinton, Coco Chanel and Gene Roddenberry.

Information like this on printable birthday cards makes for fascinating reading and images. In my head I’m already seeing something to do with the first moon landing and Gene Roddenberry – there must be some humor in that coincidence surely?


What about the envelopes?

Many printable birthday cards websites will also send you the envelopes to fit your cards. Some sites will supply you an envelope template you can print out and fold together yourself – so there really isn’t anything to worry about.

And, don’t forget, many sites will even print and post your card for you – so you really don’t have to do anything apart from create the card online.


Printable birthday cards – changing the way we send cards

If you’ve not made the leap to printable birthday cards yet, them hopefully this article will have convinced you what a great idea they are. Go on – give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results, and the look on your friends and family’s faces when they open the card you have designed and personalized all by yourself. Printable birthday cards show you care.

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