15 Printable Easter Cards and Some Easter Poems.


Here on this page with printable Easter cards you will find both new Easter cards and old Vintage Easter cards.

I have found these old cards and repaired them, and I hope you will like them as much as I do. I find them both funny and charming.

The motives on most of these cards are the traditional ones: Chickens, Easter eggs, Bunnies and Hares, sometimes together with four-leaved clover for luck.

You can find more Easter cards here on two other pages: one with Christian motives like angels and crosses, Easter being one of the most important Holidays in the Christian Church, the other page with Easter bunnies as the lead motive.

Here on this page you will find a little of both and other motives as well.

All the card will be 3,5 x 5,3 inches (13,5 x 8,9 cm approx) when printed with 300 dpi, a very good quality for cards.
Remember to click the picture to come to the card you should save and print. The pictures you see here are smaller to make the page be faster to upload, for your convenience.

1. Here is a very funny Easter card. I simply love the expression in the children’s faces when looking at the newly hatched chicken.

Funny Easter card with kids

2. This next Easter greeting card has a Easter bunny playing a trumpet, the text says:

May your Easter be Happy

Easter greeting with Bunny

3. Here comes a new, modern printable Easter card, with a smiling and happy Easter egg with flowers in her hair (I think it is a she?)

Happy Morning egg with flowers

4. The next Easter Card is modern, with an  Easter chicken newly hatched from a chocolate egg, sending a greeting, with the text:

Happy Easter to You

Happy Easter card

As promised in the title of this page here comes a few, cute Easter poems:

The Easter feeling does not end.
It signals a new beginning,
Of nature, spring and brand new life,
And friendship, peace and giving.
The spirit of Easter is all about
Hope, love and joyful living.


May your Easter be happy,
May your day be bright,
May you enjoy the treats,
And sweet delights.


Bunnies are black,
Bunnies are white,
Bunnies are always
An Easter delight.

Bunnies are cute,
The big and the small,
But I like the chocolate ones
Best of all!


5. This card has an illustration of the cutest Easter hare, with flower buds in the background, and the text:

Easter Gladness

Printable Easter card hare

6. One more more modern Easter card, with an Easter chicken running away with the egg shell, the text says:

Happy Easter

Easter chicken escaping

7. This card has an illustration with two angels and a church bell, and the text:

Easter Greeting.

Easter angel and church bell

8. The card below is new, and I have made it in two versions: One where I have left a space open, so that you can add your own text. You can write it either in handwriting after printing the card, or you can use a graphics program like Photoshop. The other version with a written text.

Printable Easter card

Easter card with Easter eggs

Here comes a couple more Easter Poems:

Easter eggs,
Yellow and blue
Easter eggs
For me and for you

Easter eggs,
Candy sweet.
Easter eggs
Are good to eat.

Easter eggs,
Pretty and funny.
Where, oh where is the Easter bunny?


Once I saw the Easter Bunny
Come hop, hop, hop.
So I cried, “Dear Bunny,
Will you stop, stop, stop?”

I ran to the window
To say “how do you do?”
But he shook his fluffy tail
And said “Happy Easter to You.”


The Easter Bunny came by today
and left surprises along his way.
colorful eggs are all around,
with baskets in hand we search the ground.
Hiding in places here and there,
Easter eggs are everywhere.


9. I find the next Easter card very charming, with the nobel elderly Easter bunny decorationg Easter eggs while the small Easter chickens are watching.

The text says:

A Happy Easter to You!


10. Another printable Easter card, with the text:

Easter Greeting, written in gold.

The illustration is with joyful Easter chickens, shamrock and Myosotis flowers.

baby chickens and forget-me-not

11. A very funny printable Easter card with a family of hens, father, mother and child, out looking for Easter eggs 🙂

printable Easter card

12. This card has also an empty space, where you can write a text of your own choice.

It has flowers, and an Easter egg painted blue.


13. This is a card with a decoration with Easter chickens and Easter Eggs, no text.

Happy Easter card

14. A new Easter greeting card with a little cute Easter chicken just hacked out of a painted Easter egg.

cute Easter greeting card

15. A very funny Happy Easter card with a decorated Easter egg hoping not to be destroyed.

Funny decorated Easter egg

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