Printable Greeting Cards with Bird Drawings

printable greeting card kingfisher

You can use all of these beautiful printable greeting cards with pictures of birds.
All you have to do is look through the cards on this page, choose the one you like, and click the picture to come to the better version for printing.
Then save that version to your computer, and print it.

If you print the bird postcard with 300 dpi, the size will be 3,5 x 5 inches, which is both a great quality and a good size for a postcard.

I don’t know the names of the birds pictured on these cards, but I am sure you will find the names easy enough if you look the pictures up on the internet or in a book with drawings of wild birds.

I have chosen the birds you find on the printable cards because of their colors and because I find these bird drawings to be very decorative, and birds and flowers are always great motives for postcards.

If you don’t want to send an actual postcard, these cards with pictures of birds can as well be used as attachments to mails, or as pictures you send on your mobile together with a greeting.

10 Printable Cards with Pictures of Birds:

As I mentioned above, these cards with the beautiful drawings of birds are free for you to use, but please only use them for your own private use.

All these cards come without a text. I think they can be used for so many purposes that I don’t want to spoil that by adding a text like “Happy Birthday”.
In stead you can write your own text on the front of the card, or on the back, maybe together with one of the poems you will find below.

This first card is with a drawing of a bird I know, a kingfisher, scouting for a fish in the water.
The beautiful colors of a kingfisher are very decorative for any purpose.

The next card is with a yellow bird on a branch with flowers and berries.

printable greeting card kingfisher          Bird card with yellow bird

I think the bird drawing of this next card is of a chaffinch, with the red and brown colors.
Again it is sitting on a branch with berries and flowers.
As berries and flowers are most often not present at the same time, I think some of the drawings here are more decorative and illustrating than totally naturalistic.
This goes for the other card here as well. It might be a real living bird picture, but I must admit I have never seen it in nature.

red breasted bird on branch          bird postcard with colorful bird

This bird, sitting on a blackberry vine, I know!
It is a bird drawing of a bullfinch. You often see little swarms of bullfinch in the fall, when they travel through the northern countries eating berries and nuts.

The bird on the next printable greeting card I do not know, but it is very pretty with the blue and red colors.
bullfinch drawing postcard          blue bird drawing on card

A bird card with a drawing of two birds, again not totally naturalistic. Maybe one of the birds are even meant to be a stuffed bird?
Anyway the drawing is really decorative with the bindweed in different colors.

Next bird  drawing is of a robin, or redbreast.
And a poem by Emily Dickinson about the little redbreasted bird.

two bird drawings and bindweed          red breasted bird drawing

The Robin is the One

The robin is the one
That interrupts the morn
With hurried, few, express reports
When March is scarcely on.

The robin is the one
That overflows the noon
With her cherubic quantity,
An April but begun.

The robin is the one
That speechless from her nest
Submits that home and certainty
And sanctity are best.

Emily Dickinson

A drawing of a bird in autumn, with different kinds of berries it eats.
The next and last of the cards with bird drawings is with the picture of a thrush (I think).

postcard with picture of bird          thrush bird greeting card

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