Printable Vintage Valentine Cards


I have already made a page with modern Valentine Cards, here comes a page with a lot of beautiful Vintage Valentine card.

I have found them and restored them, and I think they look really pretty.

The size of all the cards here is approx 9 x 13 cm, printed in 300 dbi.

When you find a Valentine’s Day card you want to print, you might also need some Valentine greetings to chose from, so here comes a few. Below you will find some more.


“Happy Valentines Day my love
From my heart this comes to you.
My life you have made so happy
And filled it with love so true.”


“On Valentine’s Day
I’d like to say
Thanks for always being there…
You are a great friend!”


“Will you confess?
Or must I guess,
The love I hope is mine.
My heart is true…
Beats but for you,
My own sweet Valentine.”


I think it is now time for all the beautiful Valentine Cards:

The first card is very classic, with pink and red hearts, flowers and a sweet lady sending a thought to her Valentine.

Second card is very art nouveau, especially if you look at the background. You see a nurse mending a broken heart. How nice, if you had someone to do that.

Beautiful-art-nouveau-Valentine                       A Valentine Message

These next two cards are out of a series of several Valentine cards with motives from different countries. Here a card with a Dutch influenced woman and cupid, and one with a motive inspired of the Spanish senorita, and a Spanish cupid.

    Dutch Lady and Dutch Cupid              Spanish Lady  Spanish Cupid

Take a look at these next cards, with the text saying:

My Valentine think of me, and the next: St. Valentine’s Greeting.
Both are from the art nouveau period. The first with hearts in may colord and a beautiful woman with a flower in her hair. The next with a woman in a red dress, sitting like a red flower in the card, and with pink and red hearts all around her.

      Valentine-greeting-card-art-nouveau-1           Valentine card dancer red hearts

These two following cards are from the same period, and I simply love their soft colors.

     St. Valentine's Greeting        Valentine Thoughts

I think it must be time for some more greetings and poems for your Valentine card:

“Our friendship blossoms
with every passing day.
New budding colors
affection and deep respect.”

“The way you say you love me,
the way you hold my hand.
The way you always amaze me
is how our love expands.”

“You’re in my heart,
you’re in my soul.
You will forever 
be part of me.”

Here come some more printable cards for Valentine’s Day:

One more of the Valentine cards with motives from different countries, I think this first one must be Irish.

The motive on the second of these cards is with cute little kids helping cupid get a big red heart with blue ribbons over the wall.

       St. Patrick Valentine card      Children and cupid helping with Valentine heart

Picking hearts like you would pick apples, sweet. And yet another art nouveau card with golden hearts and beautiful violets. I think I can almost smell the vilolets.

Picking hearts like apples  Valentine card with violets

     Two more printable Valentine cards, one with this lady with a huge feather covered hat in a golden heart, and soft red flowers. The other with a couple kissing sitting on (or in) the moon. The moon is smiling, and a red heart flies in the sky.

Greeting card for Valentine's Day    Valentine couple kissing in the moon

Ah, finally the little red love heart is found, a long way from home and in the cold snow.


“To my Valentine”. Is there a small hint that this woman is loved by more than one man?

To My Valentine

Again a very sweet Valentine’s Day card in art nouveau style.


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