Thanksgiving Greeting Cards for Friends Near and Far


Thanksgiving greeting cards, for the amount of time they take to create and send out, have a great deal of potential where connecting and sharing your holiday with others is concerned.

Notes only take a few moments to come up with and send out, but they carry with them the reminder that you are thinking of the person and that you are thankful he or she is in your life. Greeting cards to print are perfect for anyone who isn’t sure how to make the most of their Thanksgiving season, because they take so little effort and they offer just the right amount of personal care.

Why Postcards are Best

If you were to ask a random person, odds are that they wouldn’t be convinced of why they should send out physical thanksgiving greeting cards when they could just as easily send a text message or drop an email. While those are both completely viable options, you have to consider whether or not there might be anything better that you could do. Free printable greeting cards are the best option you have for a few reasons:

1. They are cheap. Extremely cheap. First of all, you can get the card design free, and print it out at only a tiny cost. Then the cost of postage is also minimal, and the total price you pay probably won’t be more than a few cents per each of the thanksgiving day cards.


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2. They are more meaningful. In society today, people rarely take the time or expend the effort to do anything beyond their computers or phone screens. When you step outside of that and give a real, handwritten, physical message, it means a great deal more. It says that you care and that you are willing to think creatively in order to prove it.

3. They’re fun. Sending out real mail is exciting and can be a very fun experience if you rarely get to do it. It’s fulfilling to be able to carry that stack of envelopes out to the mailbox, and entertaining to imagine the effect it will have on the recipients of the printable greeting cards.

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Who You Should Send Cards To

You can send thanksgiving greeting cards to just about anyone you want to. The most important people you should be thinking about mailing postcards to are the close friends that live far away. Those are the people you want to make time for, and who probably would be the most cheered by getting a word from you. Connections so easily slip away, and time passes too quickly sometimes. You need to make an effort to keep your favorite friendships alive, and free printable cards with special messages are a great way to keep your link strong. Thanksgiving is a great holiday for that, a time when we remember and give thanks for the people we love.

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But you don’t have to limit your card-giving to just close friends. Printable postcards can be sent to anyone you want to give a greeting to. Sometimes they can be great for sending to relatives and acquaintances who are expecting a greeting from you, whether for personal or professional reasons. You can even print out the same message on the back of all the greeting cards to print, and save yourself a lot of time and effort. Sometimes those greetings, obligatory as they feel, are important and can result in some great networking opportunities.

Card Ideas

It’s sometimes hard to come up with ideas for what kinds of thanksgiving greeting cards would be best to send out to the people you want to greet this year. It doesn’t have to be a tough decision if you think of a few things and figure out how you want the recipient to feel on getting the message.
For instance: if you want to make your friends smile when they open their greeting cards, send them funny postcards. A clever caption or a funny picture can be the perfect way to get them to chuckle and make them remember your past together fondly.
Of course, funny greeting cards aren’t always appropriate, such as when you want to send something to your boss or your aunt or your brother-in-law. Probably something more serious or generic would be the most appropriate, and you can easily find good options like those online.

Vintage post cards can be a wonderful option when you want your message to come across as serious, heartfelt, and traditional. A classic thanksgiving image with a simple message will be perfect for those acquaintances that you don’t know well enough to charm with your sense of humor just yet.


How and When to Send

With free printable cards available online, it’s as easy as finding, downloading, and cutting them out to get yourself a card that you love. Greeting cards to print are perfect for the thrifty celebrator, and you can find some extremely appealing options if you know where to look for them. Cute, funny, celebratory, pretty, serious, or wise, there will definitely be something out there that will be perfect for your needs.
Once you have the right design, just print it out on whatever paper you want to use. For more informal printable postcards, you can probably use the paper you have in your office. If you want something a bit fancier, you can get some paper of a heavier stock, perhaps something with a texture or sheen. You can fit multiple cards on a single page, and print out as many options as you need.
You should probably make sure to send out the printable postcards a few days before the holiday season starts in order to get your mail delivered by Thanksgiving. Post offices close on national holidays, and so in order to get your thanksgiving day cards sent on time you’ll want to send them out early.


Download Now

Get your own free printable cards today, and make this Thanksgiving extra special at no additional cost.

Print and send your cards on time, and you might just receive some holiday mail in return. There’s nothing like thanksgiving greeting cards from loved ones to brighten up your week and make you feel truly thankful.

Learn more about Thanksgiving and the traditions associated with it at Wikipedia’s page on the topic Information about Thanksgiving history can give you a better understanding of why people do what they do on the holiday, and can help you to figure out what sorts of gestures and actions are appreciated when Thanksgiving rolls around. The story is a fascinating one, and you’ll be glad you learned it when the time comes to send out thanksgiving day cards.


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