Thanksgiving Poems for Family and Friends


Thanksgiving has from the start been celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.

As President of the United States, George Washington proclaimed the first nation-wide thanksgiving celebration in America marking November 26, 1789, “as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favours of Almighty God”.

Today the celebration of Thanksgiving is first and foremost a celebration of the joy it is to have a family and close friends as well a a day where you remember to be thankful for all the good things in your life.

I have collected a lot of great Thanksgiving Poems for family and friends, to use with one of the Thanksgiving cards you also can find on this website with free printable cards.
I am sure you will find that some of these Thanksgiving sayings will fit nicely to the greeting you want to send.

There are several pages with beautiful or funny Thanksgiving cards here on this website, but I will add some more here on this page.
They look small, but will be the size approx. 9 x 13 cm (approx 3,5 x 5,15 inches) printed with 300 dpi which is a very good quality.

Thanksgiving Poems:

Thanksgiving card for friendsMy Thanksgiving’s message is still the same
As it was a year ago.
I wish you perfect happiness
And I’m sure it will be so.

Just a little card to say
I am thinking of you
and wishing you all good things, my friend.

To My Parents:
The memory of blessings in the past

is a blessing in the present.

With the best wishes for a
Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Joys.
May the day bring to you all
many dear memories you love to recall.

May your life be filled
with the best of good things,
and you share in the joy
which Thanksgiving Day brings.



Thanksgiving Greeting.
When the apples are gathered,
and the brown nuts fall
may you find it the happiest
time of all.

Oh let the turkey gobble
and the ripe red apple fall

and the grain be in the storehouse
and the pumpkin by the wall

For it won’t make any difference
in what I have to say

Which is just – “a host of wishes
for a glad Thanksgiving Day.”

May this day fill your heart
with contentment and peace

I’m thankful for autumns harvest
for other dear blessings, too.
May I tell you today how thankful I am
for a sister like you?


If you need a Thanksgiving poem for your friend, a brother or any other family members, try to change the word “sister” in the poem above to the word “friend” or any other word that fits your greeting.
You will find that this Thanksgiving  poem goes well with all the people that are close to you.


May Thanksgiving bring to you
many blessings
and to your heart the true
spirit of Thankfulness.

May we always have the kindly heart
that loves to meet a need,
for then we’ll find a host of friends
who’ll always say “God speed”.

Best wishes for Thanksgiving:
Savory odors fill the air,
friends and dear ones gather round
at your board may gladness reigh
and love and fellowship abound.

Dainty dishes, lots to eat,
Pleasant company to share.
Witty speeches, friendly chat –
And, in spirit, I’ll be there.

The real savor of the feast
is the smile of the good friend who shares it.

More golden still than autumn’s flowers
Is friendship like yours
For which I am giving thanks today.

when this occasion
again is taking place,
I’m coming right to you folks
and say this face to face:
“A Happy Thanksgiving”

Thanksgiving Day


I’m thankful I may venture
to you this card to send,
to say that I am thankful
to feel you are my friend.

Thanksgiving day will soon be here
I hope to meet and greet you dear.


My Dear Mother,
May this day fill your heart
with contentment and peace

old thanksgiving-card

Oh isn’t it fun to travel
And see all that you can see?
In spite of that, old home sweet home,
Looks awfully good to me.

To Greet You
Dear ………, if my good wishes for you came true,
you’d have a good reason for Thanksgiving

Again you can put into the poem the name of the person you want to greet, or write sister, friend, brother, father, uncle and so on.

And with this last free printable Thanksgiving card I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving Children


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