Traditional Thanksgiving Day Cards to Make Your Holiday Special

Thanksgiving dinner is served

Size 4 x 6 inches printed with 300 dpi

Thanksgiving Day Cards: Thanksgiving is arguably the most loved American holiday of all. Sure, Christmas has a great reputation, and you get to celebrate it weeks in advance before the day finally arrives.

But there’s much more of a negative vibe around Christmas (commercialism, jingly music everywhere you go, cold weather, and why do you always have to buy so many presents?), not to mention the fact that not everyone observes it.

Thanksgiving, however, is something just about everyone in the country can enjoy, and there’s much less fuss and fanfare about it.

Thanksgiving day cards are a tradition that many people love, because it allows them to give their loved ones, friends, and acquaintances a physical token of love and appreciation.
At the very least, sending thanksgiving greeting cards is a great way to show that you’re thinking of the recipient, and to make them think of you as well.


Thanksgiving-greeting-hunter-turkey                   USA-thanksgiving-card

You can print out your own cards during any occasion with free printable greeting cards that are available here.
As long as you have a printer handy, you can get as many cards as you need printed, cut out, and signed within minutes, ready to be sent wherever there is a friend or loved one waiting.

Thanksgiving is the best time for sending little notes on the back of vintage post cards, or for slipping a card under the door of someone nearby.


4 x 6 inches printed with 300 dpi


Heartfelt Cards

Ideally you should be taking every opportunity to remind the people in your life that they are special to you.

But the truth is that life sometimes gets away with you, and time passes in between the special moments when you and those in your life truly reconnect. Just simple notes or funny postcards make a huge difference. That’s why holidays are such special occasions, and why you should make the most of them when they roll around.

I love you cards and Thanksgiving greeting cards take only a few moments to think of and then send, but they provide the recipient with the warm fuzzy feeling that is worth the effort.

two-kids-pumpkin-thanksgiving                    Young Pilgrim standing on Pumpkin looking at Turkey

Funny Cards

You might not have the wittiest sense of humor yourself, but if you have a big enough heart then you can find the perfect funny greeting cards to make your friends and family smile. No one knows them better than you do, but you’d be surprised at how many perfect and appropriate free printable greeting cards are out there if you know where to look

Take a few minutes to browse through the thanksgiving day cards, and maybe scroll through a few of the non-specific cards as well. You might like what you find.

funny-thanksgiving-card                   Happy-thanksgiving-small-chicken
Funny greeting cards are perfect for any time of year, and you shouldn’t be afraid to choose a humorous option when the time is right.


Cards to Reconnect

If you’re going to be making the most of your Thanksgiving, why not take time to reconnect with those that live far away? There are some friendships that tend to slip away from you when you’re worrying about other things, and if you aren’t careful you end up losing those people forever.

Before that happens, take time to drop them a note during the holidays.

Thanksgiving day cards cost nothing when you print them yourself, and all you’ll really end up spending is the few cents on mailing. Not much of a price to pay in order to cheer up an old friend.
Some of them might receive their printable postcards with a smile, and some might even take the time to drop you a handwritten note in return.

Thanksgiving-greeting-turkey-pumpkin             Thanksgiving-wishes


In this age of emails and Facebook messaging, a physical note is so much more meaningful than it’s ever been before. Years in the future, you’ll find those friends still keep your notes and look back at them every once in a while when they want to remember the old days.



Size 4 x 5 inches printed with 300 dpi

Thanksgiving dinner is served

Size 4 x 6 inches printed with 300 dpi

Mass Sendout Cards

Sometimes (if you’re a social butterfly who has many social obligations) you need a quick fix to send out a lot of greetings to many people.
Free printable greeting cards are a one-size-fits all solution as often as they are an easily personalizable one, and if you find good generic greeting cards to print, you can have your notes sent out as fast as you can label and address each one. Simple, elegant, and extremely personal–great for your college friend, your dentist, and your husband’s family all at once.

Ingredients for the Thanksgiving dinner

Printed with 300 dpi size will be 4 x 6 inches


Vintage Cards

Forbes recently released an article detailing why and how the handwritten letter will never go out of style (find that article here: and many people hope that it will prove to be true.

Unfortunately snail mail has become far less common, but all the services are still in place in order to get your post cards out there. Old-timey letters and vintage greeting cards are a great way to carry on traditions that we shouldn’t let society phase out.

Skip the emails and send your thanksgiving day cards the way your mother and grandmother had to do it. It might take a little longer, but it will be worth it.

The most important thing this season is that you let your family and friends know that you are thinking about them, and that you are thankful for them more than anything else. Don’t let another thanksgiving pass without taking the time to show the people in your life that you are thankful for them.


Size of the card 4 x 6 inches printed with 300 dpi

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