Vintage Halloween Postcards With Love Theme


So many of the traditions of Halloween are connected to love.

Take for example the thing with apples.

We play the game, apple bobbing, where we place apples in a basin with water, and then the players try to catch the apples with their teeth. (In different parts of Great Britain it is called apple bobbing, apple ducking, apple dooking or duck-apple, but it’s all the same game.) The use of hands or arms is not allowed.

Now, what does love has to do with that, you might wonder?

A lot! When you slice the apple in half, the seeds form a pentagram-like figure, and the manifestation of such a shape is (or was) the sign that the apple can be used to predict marriages.

Unmarried young people should at Halloween play the game, and the first to catch an apple with her/his teeth would be the first to be married! And there is even more to it.
Everybody who catches an apple can bring it home, place it under the pillow, and then the person you are going to marry will appear in your dream.




You can play the same game just hanging the apples on a string.



Another tradition at Halloween, that has to do with love and marriage, is peeling an apple and the using the shape of the peel to show the initial of the person you are going to marry. You just have to peel the apple so that the peel is long, and then throw it over your left shoulder.
Now you take a look at the peel, and I am sure you will be able to recognize the initial of your loved one 🙂


Free Halloween card with couple and poem



A maybe more well-known Halloween tradition is when you look in the mirror at Halloween night at the light from a Jack o’lantern, you should see the image of the man you are going to marry.


Vintage Halloween postcard


Here comes some Halloween poems to go with the cards:

“The witching hours for love
On Halloween watch for the charm
It comes like the fluttering dove
And is meant for good, not harm.”

“Flee bachelors, flee
If you would single stay
‘Tis Halloween’s eve
The witches wedding day.”

“He is your fate
Whose face you’ve seen
in the mirrow’s face
On Halloween.”

“If I might always hold the light
Your path would be forever bright.”

“On Halloween
By pumpkin’s light
This witch will help you
choose aright.”

“If you wish to find which one is true,
It is the Halloween which will tell it you.”

“May love light
your Halloween lantern.”


Couple kissing at Halloween


Now comes some vintage Halloween cards that maybe not exactly are with love as a theme, but certainly have some young, and sometimes rather sexy witches as motive:




Halloween greeting


vintage Halloween card


black white Halloween postcard sexy witch



Sexy Halloween girl on pumpkin


vintage Halloween postcard



And finally some more vintage Halloween text:

Could I borrow witches flying-machine
I’d visit you on Halloween.


Take care of me on Halloween
Cause if you don’t I might
be all alone with some queer things
And have a dreadful fright.


Old witch, on Halloween
I pray
Bring joy to one who’s
far away.


My love and all good wishes for a happy day.


Twine, twine, and intertwine
Let thy love be wholly mine
If my love be fond and true
Deeper grows his rose’s hue.


Go out alone at midnight
Pluck out a lock of hair
Send it on the evening breeze
To find you loved one fair
The way it takes to flying
Is where you love is sighing.


I will end this page with a wish that is great for all people all days of the year:

May joyousness
swell the air
And yours not
the least of all.

and a Halloween Postcard with two little innocent Cupids with a beautiful wish for you on Halloween:


cupids with Halloween wish

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